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Anticoagulation Therapy
At ATI, we have nurses certified in Anticoagulant Management that provide dosing and PT/INR instructions, which help prevent and/or treat blood clots. This therapy requires systematic, coordinated patient care management by our team in collaboration with the patient’s physician.
Joint Replacement
Our exclusive, individualized program has been developed by ATI Physical Therapy, a nationally recognized orthopedic rehabilitation provider specializing in research-based physical therapy.  ATI’s trained therapists will provide a specialized treatment designed to reduce pain, improve function and help prevent future injuries.
Specialized program designed to empower you with the ability to manage your condition and improve your functional capacity. Using telehealth, we will help you reduce serious exacerbations, emergency room visits and hospital stays.
Wound Care
We have wound care certified nurses that focus on training you and your family to be able to care for your wounds and regain your independence.
Diabetic Education & Management
Our staff will assess, monitor and educate patients/caregivers about the management of Type 1 and Type II diabetes mellitus.