Compassion & Quality

Why Home Health?

Health is a Journey, Not a Destination

There are many reasons your loved one may be ready for home health, or in need of some assistance to maintain their independence. Below are a few of the reasons patients choose home health care:
  • Recent discharge from a hospital or nursing home – Our nurses will provide in-home nursing, wound care, and update the physician on the patient’s recovery progress. Our therapists can help the patient regain strength and stability
  • Frequent ER visits or hospitalization – Our nurses will monitor patient conditions and vital signs, and provide timely intervention at the first sign of abnormalities
  • Recent diagnosis of new illness or condition – Our nurses will help the patient understand how to monitor and respond to the signs and symptoms of the illness, as well as provide education so the patient will comply with the physician’s plan of care
  • History of falling/trouble maintaining balance – Our knowledgeable physical therapists will complete a fall risk evaluation that can help identify and eliminate the physical and environmental risks of falling at home, as well as develop a rehabilitation program that will improve strength and stability
  • Forgetting to take prescription medications – Our nurses will do a comprehensive in-home assessment of all medications, pre-fill pill boxes and provide vital direction for the patient
  • Neglecting to follow dietary or other instructions from the doctor – Our nurses will provide important instruction, education and oversight to ensure that the doctor’s plan of care is followed
  • Unstable vital signs – Our nurses will help monitor the patient’s vital signs, teach the patient how to self-monitor, and review the plan of care and medication, in consultation with their doctor, to help stabilize the patient
  • Hygiene has declined/patient has difficulty bathing or dressing – Our skilled occupational and physical therapists will help build strength and independence with daily activities, and a certified personal care attendant can assist with bathing, dressing or other grooming needs
  • Lack of family members to watch over the patient – Our care team can serve as a liaison between the physician and the family to assess a patient’s situation, needs, solve problems and coordinate health care with the patient’s physician